What have we done?

March on the NRA

NeverAgain SoCal teamed up with March on the NRA Los Angeles to support campaign transparency.

Vigils for Thousand Oaks

From Thousand Oaks to Michigan to Washington D.C., NeverAgain SoCal organized vigils for the victims of the Borderline shooting. 

Walkouts for Parkland

On 3/14 and 4/20 of 2018, NeverAgain SoCal organized walkouts across Southern California to support March for our Lives. 

Town Halls

NeverAgain SoCal has helped promote and participate in town halls with Congresswoman Julia Brownley and Representative Ted Lieu. 

Senate Bill 1281

Supporting State Senator Henry Stern, NeverAgain SoCal worked to help pass The Juvenile Gun Safety Act of 2018 (SB 1281). 

Created a Network

Joining NeverAgain SoCal means joining a family. We are a tightly knit network of students united in our cause.